Posting Derek Guy’s chino recommendation here for later reference

Basic: J Crew relaxed fit Tailored: Rota at No Man Walks Alone or The Armoury Workwear: Left Field, 3sixteen, or RRL

Spun up a Mastodon

Since this post will eventually disappear from my front page, I wonder if I’ll lose my verified status down the line

Found a garter snake outside 🐍

Garter snake nearly disguised in autumn foliage

Annual statements are bloated with filler words distracting from company’s results ! Haven’t read the paper yet but would like to try their methodology for summaries. I can’t imagine the prompt to be too hard? Eg “Summarize this by section”

Bloated Disclosures: Can ChatGPT Help Investors Process Information?

Useful phrases for disagreement from a Jefferson Fisher video

I take another approach

I see things differently

I tend to lean the opposite

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Link to John P’s blog

🚗 The ability to stall an EV with fake manual transmissions sounds fun

The lurch, the dying of the engine sound, and the red flashing of the gear indicator all came down to software. It’s all simulated, all fake, but it made me laugh just the same.

Toyota has built an EV with a fake transmission, and we’ve driven it

Will this post trigger a webmention ? :) Making Webmentions look more conversational

🎃🦖 Halloween Dino

toddler with a dinosaur hat

Nice article on “Return on Capital Investment”

Morgan Stanley - ROIC

Strategy =/= Planning

“Strategy is the making of an integrated set of choices that collectively position the firm in its industry so as to create sustainable advantage relative to competition and deliver superior financial returns”

“That strategy is a singular thing; there is one strategy for a given business — not a set of strategies. It is one integrated set of choices: what is our winning aspiration; where will we play; how will we win; what capabilities need to be in place; and what management systems must be instituted?”

Don’t Let Strategy Become Planning

🎮 Need this metal gear solid cologne

Very nice to see activitypub being adopted available across all WP plans even free ones. Was thinking of setting a WP for technical blog posts.

Engage a Wider Audience With ActivityPub on

✈️🗺️ First time really spending time in Colorado…

Fun read on leaving the vents open