I’m reminded of this image whenever I’m tempted to jump on a new PKM system. Obsidian has been just fine for what I needed. Plain text sync, entries based on atomic knowledge per Andy Matuschak’s advice. As I’ve transitioned to another career space, it has been helpful to just write short form blog posts on Wordpress to track ideas. I’ve been reluctant to add business ideas into my chemical/eng obsidian knowledge base but I think it should be fine. K.I.S.S. really goes a long way with sustainability.

Always enjoy other’s perspectives on reading P&L statements.

Irrational Exuberance - Reading P&L Statements

Interesting framework for executive presentation

Start by brainstorming your proposal into a series of arguments that support your answer. Once you’ve written them all down, group them into related arguments. Shape those groups into three top-level arguments, with up to three sub-arguments supporting each of those top-level arguments. Recursively apply this approach, ensuring each argument summarizes its at-most-three sub-arguments. Order the arguments within each group by descending importance.

Staff Eng - Present to executives

Many have recorded “My Favorite Things,” from Mary Martin to Julie Andrews to the Supremes to Bobby McFerrin to Kelly Clarkson. But only Coltrane carries the song so far and into such mystical territory. It’s not a different version so much as a message from a parallel universe.

How John Coltrane’s ‘My Favorite Things’ Changed American Music

“Hobbies are a means of using surplus energy and time in a manner that at least will not be harmful to society and will be useful to the individual”

Frances N. Ahl - 1937 issue of The High School Journal

Has anyone fully made the jump to Fastmail? Have you taken a split approach where you migrate certain subscriptions? If so, what made the jump and what stayed behind?

File under game to play on future steam deck purchase?

Crystal Project is a love letter to JRPGs and job systems

I’ve converged on this for most of my trips but with 2 bottoms instead of 3.

The Science of Packing Light

I’ve always thought that it was the warmer (relatively) utility water that made dripping faucets so effective. But I actually appreciate this framework better.

You’re Letting Your Faucets Drip Wrong in Winter

When the water in your pipes freezes, it expands, stressing your pipe. If you have all the faucets closed when the water starts to melt, it will have nowhere to go, so it will soon create somewhere to go. Having a faucet open gives that water a release point, which can save your pipes.

After 2 decades, E3 expo is finally over. It was fun while it lasted and a bit overdue. Things that contributed to the curtain call: social media platforms, annual Apple event culture, Nintendo Direct. After more than two decades of E3, each one bigger than the last,the time has come to say goodbye.

What to Blog About When You Don’t Know What to Blog About

I did not know there was a NaNoBloPoMo. Neat.

Posting Derek Guy’s chino recommendation here for later reference

Basic: J Crew relaxed fit Tailored: Rota at No Man Walks Alone or The Armoury Workwear: Left Field, 3sixteen, or RRL

Spun up a Mastodon

Since this post will eventually disappear from my front page, I wonder if I’ll lose my verified status down the line

Found a garter snake outside 🐍

Garter snake nearly disguised in autumn foliage

Annual statements are bloated with filler words distracting from company’s results ! Haven’t read the paper yet but would like to try their methodology for summaries. I can’t imagine the prompt to be too hard? Eg “Summarize this by section”

Bloated Disclosures: Can ChatGPT Help Investors Process Information?

Useful phrases for disagreement from a Jefferson Fisher video

I take another approach

I see things differently

I tend to lean the opposite

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Link to John P’s blog

🚗 The ability to stall an EV with fake manual transmissions sounds fun

The lurch, the dying of the engine sound, and the red flashing of the gear indicator all came down to software. It’s all simulated, all fake, but it made me laugh just the same.

Toyota has built an EV with a fake transmission, and we’ve driven it

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